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    Hi Coleen- Have a GREAT time. Wish I was there.

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    Wow ! What an awesome event! I got to PA right behind Coleen at about 3:45pm. The room was pretty well set up and Annette and a few others had already done an amazing job at hauling in all our stuff (thanks Mark!) and setting up the tables. We put final touches on some things they headed out to meet Deb, Kim and Tracy-new agents and headed to dinner. Since I am new to the event, not knowing what is going on its like a big rush. The VIP event was a new thing this year and the 20 or so people that did get picked to it were thrilled. Good desserts and big basket giveaways. Saturday started really early at 7:30 for us but we got all the balloons up and just made sure everything looked great and hung out until doors opened. At about 9:45 am the guests started arriving and the MF Team started handing out the Bingo game cards we made and explaining to people how to play. We had so many great giveaways and things going on at our table that we were bombarded, literally by tons of people once the game got in full swing. It was awesome though to see how calm and smooth we all took it and fun when people with a Golden ticket holder showed up or Game Player Matching couple who could then be entered into a special MF drawing. There were some great talks and lots of break out sessions I could not really go to but heard they were all good. One of the best parts was the Team that set up an awesome silent auction session for Make-A-Wish Foundation. I think if I heard it right they made about $9000 in donations and bids on about 150 items. Very well done and organized. It was great seeing old friends Deb, Passporters, the Barrett’s and meeting new one’s Linda, Lou, PodCast guys, Fred! exhausted at the end we packed up about 6:30 and headed to the bar for a MF breakout overview which was nice. Thanks to Beci and Annette for all the planning. Great to meet the new agents. Always have a great time with Roomie Coleen and my buddy Vickie and her honey Mike. Until 2008 !

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    Thanks so much Michelle so getting here to post some detials. Wish you could have joined us in Hersheypark yesterday. Many of the meet guests all went over to Hersheypark on Sunday – thanks to Cindy for taking care of getting discounted tickets and she also was able to pull off a great perk for the Magic Meet guests. We were able to get into the park a half hour early and they had the best roller coaster open just for us. The Storm Runner was crazy but fun and even more fun to ride with new and old friends. After some fun it was time for me to hit the road though.
    The 2007 Magic Meet was a blast and I am already looking forward to next year. For those of you that couldn’t join us this year mark your calander for July 19 (might as well make it at least the 18 – 20) Not sure when the event will be available to book but keep your ears open!

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    I already have it on my calendar for next year. It sounds like a great time.


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