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    I have to say that over the years with two girls I have bought my share of Princess items. AND I am so glad they have outgrown all that – But there are many other little girls that are dreaming of being a Princess. Disney finally has given the boys an option with all the Priate items… I cant beleive all the Pirate stuff I saw while shopping for Christmas!

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    I refuse to divulge how much money I have spent on Disney Princess stuff the last 6 years (2 kids ages 6 & 4).

    I like the Princess stuff (I don’t like the BRATZ line at all).

    The pirate stuff is cute, good thing I don’t have a boy!

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    My daughter and then my granddaughter each loved the princesses and we’ve spent our share of money as well. My granddaughter at age 6 1/2 is starting to outgrow that phase already but still has fun with her Disney dolls.

    The article seems to repeat what so many in the past have argued about, regarding the concept of girls being a princess and boys being, well? Boys.

    The fact is that we all go through stages and if we as parents offer enough opportunities for our children to see what else is out there, the kids are going to gravitate to what they ultimately would like to do in life. The marketing will always be there whether it is the pencil thin princess or the GAP model…and again, that’s where parenting comes in. As you may know, I’m a certified teacher and for years learned and argued that parents have the biggest influence on the children, not the societal influences around them (yes, there are the exceptions, but…the power of a parent can’t be underestimated).

    And don’t forget, for our daughters as well, Dreams DO Come True. Those dreams might be a fireman, a doctor, or even? A homemaker. The DREAM is what your own mind envisions.



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