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A 40+ visitor to WDW, my first trip to Disney was in 1967 at Disneyland. Son works in Guest Relations at Epcot. Favorite park: Magic Kingdom, Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain

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    Great tip! We have gone to the bakery to get ice cream sandwiches to then returned to the same area you are speaking of to wait on wishes. There is nothing like seeing Wishes from right in front of the Castle!

    And I agree with you on not driving to Magic Kingdom. I hate to have to go by monorail to shuttle to the car…. I would rather just wait on the bus.

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    Excellent tip Bruce! My family usually tries to find a spot in front of the castle, but we’ve never noticed a throughway that we could stand behind to avoid having people in front of us. I’ll be at the Magic Kingdom 2 weeks from today and will try this suggestion for sure!

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    Can’t wait to tray this out! Thanks Bruce!


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