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    I agree with Joanne the pool is a big part of a vacation. The problem I ran into was that my son loved the pool so much he didn’t want to get out! As far as swimming in the cooler months it is not for me but I sat by shivering as my son and his cousins swam in December. To make it colder they were swimming at night. The water is heated nicely and on this night is was quiet chilly so there was steam coming off the pool and they just thought was the neatest thing.

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    My two cents? Beach Club wins hands down. The winning factor? proximity to Beaches and Cream!!! Who can possibly resist the lure of “the Kitechen Sink’ topped with a full can of whipped cream???

    oh.. right the pool.

    Ya… thats nice too.

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    What a tough investigative assignment! I’ve always wanted to stay at the Beach Club and now I want to even more! I’ve heard that they require a resort ID to enter the pool and then heard recently they weren’t requiring it. Anybody know if they are doing that? It would stink to stay there and have everybody else coming in too!

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    Add another vote for Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club – don’t tell my kids but we spent a day there on a trip without them! I loved the sandy bottom and the lazy river part. It was an awesome day – hanging out in the pool and drinking pina coladas!

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    Shannon, they didn’t seem to be checking last time I was there. I’ll be able to verify this for sure in a few weeks! 🙂

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    My kids had a blast last May in Storm Along bay! Normally they would only want to stay a couple of hours at a pool – but we HAD to MAKE them get out!

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    Another vote for the Beach Club pool! It’s awesome! The clown at the Boardwalk is just a little too creepy for me……………


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