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    You hit the nail on the head there Joanne. Disneyland may not be as big or have as many bells and whistles, but there you can truly Walk in Walt’s footsteps. I look back at the footage of his opening day speech and really get a twinge of magic when I stand int he same area. I always stop to acknowledge the apartment over the firestation when I enter the park too. Its nice to think the grandfather I always wished I had was looking back at me. : )

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    While it’s true that Walt Disney World does have more to offer, Disneyland is the first and, yes, Walt did walk the streets of California’s Main Street USA; he had a dream that was much bigger and California could not provide the resources he needed to follow his dream.

    When Walt built Disneyland, it was very new for him. He wanted it to be a place where families could come to escape reality. The problem was, when the guests boarded the attractions and rides that took them high up, they could see the outside world.

    When he sought out a place in Florida, he was able to acquire much more land and create a place where families from all over the world could come and escape reality for days on end.

    That was Walt’s life. When Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and all of his cartoonists were taken away by a contract loophole, he didn’t hang up his hat and say, “It’s over.” He created Mickey Mouse and opened a new studio. The same thing happened in July of 1955 in Southern California. When Disneyland first opened, things went wrong. No one had ever taken on an amuzement park of this magnitude. Mistakes were bound to happen and they did; but Walt learned from them and made them better.

    (See the DVD: “Walt Disney: The Man Behind the Myth. It’s great!)


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