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    There must be something about deck 10 foward that brings out the nesy people becasue I remember it being the same way on our panama crossing. My favorite spot was deck 7 aft (that secret deck) I was also in an inside deck 6 aft so it was easy to get to 🙂

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    I am boggled at the intensity of people’s enthusiasm for watching the ship go through the locks. I was on a ship that went up the locks on the Yangtze, and unless this is very different, it was basically a rather slow, all-day process where you could really only tell something was happening every 30-45 minutes or so. I can’t imagine wanting to stay in the same spot, in broad sunlight, for the entire day (and night before) watching it.

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    We enjoyed the whole day on Deck 4 when we went through the canal in 2005. It was a comfortable way to see the whole process and we made some good friends that day with another family who “camped out” next to us! Also, we were in a Cat. 9 stateroom on Deck 2, so a couple of times during the day we had a very close-up view of the locks. It made it very interesting with the two different perspectives!


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