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    Thanks for braving those crowds Coleen – I can’t wait to get to the Magic Kingdom again and see it. It sounds really interesting. I enjoyed Turtle Talk with Crush, so I have high hopes for this.

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    I totally agree Coleen DVC would be awesome right there and makes the most sense there….wow, can’t believe how different it looks. The Laugh Club sounds great…I agree captions of audience members would be cool.

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    Thanks for the review, Coleen! Looking forward to seeing the show some day soon! I love the idea of DVC on the monorail — but boy! How many points would those go for??!!

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    We got to see the show when we were in Magic Kingdom for a few short hours on 3/25. We had a good crowd that got into interacting with the characters so that made it kind of fun. We did text in a joke but it was not used in the show. They did use about 5 that were texted in. (is texted even a word?) It’s a cute show and my seven year old loved it. I personally like turtle talk better.

    We also were luck enough on the 25th to spend a night at the Contemporary. They have completely removed the north wing from the resort maps too.

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    Great to read your thoughts! I plan on checking out the laughs in May while I am down. I love Turlle Talk so cant wait to see this so I can personally compare! 🙂

    What a change in the view at the Contemporary! I was just there in March and the old buildings where there behind the Construction screen….. Glad to see they are moving along with whatever might come back in that area.


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