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    WOOHOOOO!!! So who is ready to place thier deposit on the madien voyages already? I know I am! Of course I am not sure I am looking forward to the day the phone lines open for it though.

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    YEAH!!!! I can’t wait for this!! I would love to do the Maiden Voyage as well!!

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    WOW!!! … finally. LOL

    Can you believe the size of these things? That puts it between the mega Princess ships and the Voyager class from Royall Caribbean. Imagine what they will do with all that space!

    if you could sit at the imagineers design table… what would you want to see on the new ships?

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    I’m with you and Stephanie, Coleen! Can’t wait for the maiden voyage! And if wishes do come true … hmm. Maybe another restaurant for adults — or at least enlarge Palo; a larger Cove Cafe; and I’d love to get the dueling piano club back again! I’m noticing a distince “adult” pattern here! 😀

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    OK you can all laugh at me but I would love to have a Dole whip machine onbaord!! If we are talking things that needed a bigger ship though I am thinking a mid day parade. Since Disney is the king of parades I am sure they could top what RCI does on thier big ships.
    More suites had better be part of the plan. Also some lower priced family type rooms that could hold a family of 5 would be nice.
    Other wish items that would be pretty neat to have –
    a waterpark-l ike pool area
    more shopping
    a mini Disney Institute

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    We are very excited about these two ships and would love to be on the maiden voyages of both, let us know when you hear something Stephanie, lol. I agree that a dole whip machine would be outstanding! Mike in Vegas

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    I am very excited about these two new ships… camt wait to see where they are going!

    I would love to see more shopping….. maybe a promenade with shops… and Coleen, your parade could go right down the middle of “Main Street” 🙂


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