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    WOO HOO! It’s great to have another cruise “goal”! I want to do one of the 10 or 11-night cruises and my husband wants to do the return crossing!! Now, excuse me while I run out to buy a lottery ticket! 🙂

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    Buy me a ticket while you are at it! How about a deal – if either us win we will take the other on the cruise!

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    I think we are going to target the first 11 nighter, but we’ll see. The lure of London and ireland might win out!

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    Oh this is soooo wrong of Disney. Don’t they know by now that the lure of a new DCL cruise is too much for me to resist! Certainly by now DCL must be aware of my addiction to all things Disney … especially to their cruises!

    Well, I’m off to go save a spot for myself on the Eastbound TransAtlantic Cruise …. and a make a quick trip to the store for 14 days worth of Milano cookies. And I have to get that all done before my family successfully arranges an “intervention!”


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