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    Congratulations Amy – Way to go!!!!
    I will be there to cheer you on in 2007!

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    Steph in nc

    Congrats to you! I can only imagine doing something like that! What a wonderful thing for you to accomplish!

    I can give you the 2:30 wake up call on my way to bed next time if you need one. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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    Already told you Amy, I plan on being there with you! Never wanted to do a Marathon before…. maybe it is the great story telling above that has imspired me, or I am having a moment of remembrance on the New Years Resolution to get into better shape…. but I cant think of a better way to end a Marathon than in WDW. (OK, you never mentioned the wake up call on the phone calls… 🙂 )

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    What a marvelous accomplishment, Amy! So glad you had such a fantastic bonding experience with your friends! I have “done” one marathon – as a spectator. 🙂 In 1998 I cheered my best friend throughout the race. I huddled with her in the dark on a VERY cold morning and met her at Magic Kingdom with fresh running shoes and I was waiting for her at the end as she crossed the finish line in Epcot! Knowing how all of that felt, I can only begin to imagine how exhilirating it was to actually be part of it all. Kudos!

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    Wow ! Great Job ! I ran my first marathon Dec 5th this year and it is possible for older and slower people to finish as I proved ! I am definitely on-board for going in 2007 and racing the 1/2 marathon with you, cold weather and all. My first Triathlon was at Magic Kingdom sponsored by Danskin Womens’ Triathlon. It was awesome swimming in the lake in front of the Kingdom then biking through the backroads where they store all the parade equipment and running inside the park when it was still closed. They did pipe music in and it was amazing. See you in ’07 !

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    ok…. I only mentioned going for the marathon…. swimming in the lake just does not sound like a good idea to me! 🙂

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    Awww… com’on…. freezy pop. Run the marathon then jump in the lake. You’ll be nice and toasty!

    Seriously Amy – WOW!!! awesoem job!

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    On the bright side, the cold water would make the ‘gators sluggish…

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    I don’t think enough people will ever really know how much of an accomplishment this was for you nor how much you had dedicated yourself to making sure your friend Nancy made it through those 13.1 miles.

    I was honored and thriled to be there and see you cross that Finish Line.

    Congratulations on doing the half-marathon and that you for being such an inspiration to us all.

    The 2006 Walt Disney World Half-Marathon will always have a special quality to it because of your presence there and the amazing act of friendship you did on that special day.

    I will never forget it.


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    Looks like I’ll have all sorts of great company for Marathon Weekend 2007! I can’t wait! I just found my Marathoning for Mortals book in it’s very, very …..VERY safe place (aka lost) in one of suitcases. Although, it apparently lost a few pages during its time wandering the wilderness of my closet since I can’t find the training regimen that includes the run TO the Krispy Kreme everyday. I know it has to be here somewhere. I’ll keep looking ….. perhaps I should start searching AT the Krispy Kreme.

    BTW … I’m still laughing over the “sluggish gators!”


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