Sara’s Snippets – February 28, 2013 – Vacation Countdown Ideas Pt 2

Greetings fellow Mouse Fans!

Here are some great countdown ideas from MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan Travel clients and agents…

From Julie D. 

Several years ago, I made a Disney counter for our trips.  It isn’t real fancy, just something that I threw together with supplies that I had on hand.  It is a tin that I decorated with a few scrapbooking stickers & just use the kiddie magnetic numbers.  I leave the magnets inside the tin (my teenagers really don’t use them anymore ), so we always have them ready for the next countdown!

Disney Countdown Tin, photo coutesy of Julie Dobrin

From MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan Travel Planner Amanda Gonzales:

"One thing I have done with my kids is have a treasure box, they can make it out of a shoebox or you can use a real one and fill it with colored squares and circles I made from construction paper.  I color code the ones for the weekdays and the weekends.  Then I put a Disney assignment on each one.  For example a weeknight one might be read snow white or read page 15 in the guide book and make a list of the top 5 rides you want to go in in the Magic Kingdom for example.  On the weekends it can include assignments like watch finding nemo or make a card for cinderella.  Once all the shapes are gone then it is the day of their trip.  This helps them get ready and helps them figure out how much time is left.  How many days till Disney?  Go count the shapes in the chest!"

From MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan Travel client Rachel Treichler:

Rachel makes a calendar using stickers from Michael's. She uses a Mickey Hand Sticker glued to a magnet and moves the hand each day. 

Mickey Countdown Calendar, photo courtesy of Rachel Treichler

Mickey Glove magnet


Have some fun with your vacation coundown and the time will fly! Be well and make magic wherever you go!

Sara Varney
Travel Planner

About Sara V

Sara Varney is a Travel Planner for MEI & Mouse Fan Travel. She is also Co-Host of the PassPorter Moms Podcast and the Editor of PassPorter News. You can follow her on Twitter at PassPorterMomSV.
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