Sara’s Snippets – February 21, 2013 – Travel & Weather Woes

Greetings fellow Mouse Fans! 

Yet another major winter storm is wreaking havoc across the US. Here in New England, this will be the third consecutive weekend with significant snowfall. Sigh…

But what happens if you are scheduled to travel during one of these storms? Here are some of my tips for safe travel during rough weather. 

 - Have all your phone numbers written down – Travel Planner, Airline, Hotel, travel insurance claims number, etc. Having them on your phone is great but not if you haven't followed my next tip…

 - Keep the chargers for your technology ON YOU! Your phone or laptop are no good to you if the battery is dead and your charger is in your checked luggage. 

- Start keeping an eye on the weather a few days before your trip but don't panic too early! Weather patterns change and these days most forecasts seem to involve a lot of "Well if this and this happen, we'll get X, but if this and THIS happen, we won't…" 

- Find out what the change and cancelation policies are for your reservations. Typically in situations like a hurricane or blizzard, companies are more flexible with their fees but not always!

- Have trip insurance! While not all insurance policies cover weather or acts of god, some do. Read your policy carefully to be sure what is and what isn't covered!

- Resist the urge to change or cancel plans too soon. Most travel suppliers will not make adjustments until the storm begins and flights are canceled. While it can be stressful not to know if you are leaving, trust me it is more stressful to change all your plans only to find out that the storm went another way and you could be on your way to Walt Disney World!

Be well and make magic wherever you go!

Sara Varney
Travel Planner

Celebrate the Season

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About Sara V

Sara Varney is a Travel Planner for MEI & Mouse Fan Travel. She is also Co-Host of the PassPorter Moms Podcast and the Editor of PassPorter News. You can follow her on Twitter at PassPorterMomSV.
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