Sara’s Snippets – January 30, 2013 – Forgot a Souvenir?

Greetings fellow Mouse Fans!

You spotted it from across the shop… that one perfect item that would make the perfect gift/souvenir/bribe for your child… but your FASTPASS window for Everest ends in 15 minutes and if you don't leave right now, you won't make it! "No big deal," you think to yourself, "I'm sure I will see it again later on this trip." 

Yet somehow you find yourself collecting your bags at your home airport when it hits you – you never went back and bought the perfect whatever-it-was! Or worse, you did look for it in other stores but it turns out that the place you saw it is the one place in all of Walt Disney World that sells it and you don't have the time or the park admission to go back and get it. 

Fear not. Walt Disney World Merchadise has your back! 

To start with, check out the selection of Theme Park Merchandise on If you can't find the item there, move on to the real heroes – Walt Disney World Merchandise Mail Order! You can find more information on how to contact them at AllEars.Net. But in my experience (not that I've EVER forgotten something… yeah right…), the best route is to call them and plead your case. WDW Merchandise Mail Order can be reached at (407) 352-6369.

Be well and make magic wherever you go!

Sara Varney
Travel Planner and serious Disney Shopper

Me with my favorite Disney souvenirs

About Sara V

Sara Varney is a Travel Planner for MEI & Mouse Fan Travel. She is also Co-Host of the PassPorter Moms Podcast and the Editor of PassPorter News. You can follow her on Twitter at PassPorterMomSV.
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