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    Great non-trip report, Chris! Good thing you have a terrific travel agent! Just think of the long wait at the airport you avoided today. Really looking forward to the “real” trip report in a few weeks! 🙂

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    Let’s look at this from a glass “half full” perspective and assume that this is a good thing because between now and the time you and Beci finally leave for your Disney Adventure a number of “wrinkles” will have been ironed out by Mother Disney making your trip better at a later date than your original date.

    I say this as I prepare for my 5th of 6 Hurricane season trips to WDW in the last two years…three of which so far have been “blessed” with Hurricanes.

    A day at WDW in a hurricane beats any day anywhere else.

    In the same fashion a later Disney Adventure beats no Disney Adventure at all.

    Now….about those liquid refreshments you and Beci were planning to bring onti the plane in your carry-on luggage….we need to talk!


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    Gotta love the way Disney magically makes things better. I’m so glad you still get to go! And just think, this time you will be able to make a list…………..

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    OK so you did learn one important thing in all this mess – Disney Adventures is going to take very good care of all clients 😀

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    Ok … notice who was up all night handling the situation and who relaxed and just had to open his eyes for periodic updates. I think I deserve a night out for that one.

    Mike – so far the hurricane season ahs been a breeze… (or not) … dotn juinx it ok? LOL!

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    Steph in nc

    I can’t wait to hear about it when you get to London!


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